Sick Girls

Store visualization of an existing small business called Sick Girls, based in Toronto, Canada run by two creatives, Natalie & Fox. The store was designed in a warehouse-like setting to give a street and grunge feel. Main materials are brick, industrial metal, cement, and repurposed wood.

Layout includes the sales floor, lounge area complete with books, comics, and figurines, a print and product workshop area, and a quick sales and cash wrap area that displays patches, jewelry, pins, and other small items.

Front view of wall mural
Cash wrap, register, and workshop area.
A garage style and feel, random and mismatched decor sit throughout the store.
Classic horror films are on repeat using vintage television sets.
Patches and various items are displayed within top glass, and customers are welcome to open drawers to find the item they desire.
Lounge area where waiting customers can read comics, play video games, and sit on the “eyebag” chairs. An emphasis for the owners love of pizza is showcased.
Top view of store layout